Edge of Infinity: Supermassive Black Holes in the Universe

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Department of Education. Additional information about accreditation, including the filing of complaints against member institutions, can be found at: www. Skip to main content. Show runs pm, Doors open at 7pm Tickets for sale starting August 23! Why the Buzz About Astrology Signs? Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. The CMB is the black body radiation of these atoms.

Hydrogen gas is the building block of star formation. It seems cosmology and astronomy are probably the only honest sciences left. All the rest have either been taken over by the insidious green blob or polluted by large companies pushing their wares in all advertising using the catchphrases:.

If either is the case, what cowards they be and they know it. Those super black holes from billions of years ago are still Trumps fault.

Is the Universe Infinite?

Never forget The Narrative. There is an excellent chance that astronomers are misinterpreting what is going on. A similar example would be desktop fusion where the experimenters observed anomalous heat and incorrectly attributed it to fusion. Another example would be where you can make it look like radio waves are traveling faster than the speed of light. That would, of course, be the way that quantum physics got its start. Oh, I forgot, it explodes into another Universe, of course. How convenient. All the mass a black hole has accumulated is still there, making a huge dent in the fabric of space time, which is to say, why they have such enormous gravity.

In fact, we can detect its presence indirectly because of they way it affects its immediate surroundings — the quasar jets are just one observable effect. It could be a tear!

Astronomers discover 83 supermassive black holes in the early universe | Watts Up With That?

And if it is a tear then yes, matter is disappearing from our known dimensions. We have learned so much, and have so much more to learn.

I feel blessed to be able to live in this era of discovery. Thanks, very interesting. Obvious now that some black holes formed very early. Time to add a new epicycle to their model, it seems. We need someone to propose a new model that would simplify all the problems associated with the Big Bang theory. I will offer one up as soon as I increase my IQ by a hundred points, or so. Anybody even check — all papers rightly identify, z, redshift, as the key observable.

Then apply the settled science that it means doppler. No matter what z is observed it will be forced like the Mad Hatter squeezing the Dormouse into the Teapot at the Party. Wait for the objects it will record! As bonbon referenced, Arp considered that quasars were emitted from high energy galaxies much closer to us than the red shift implies. He argued that the huge discrepancy in the brightness vs the red shift of a quasar collapsed once you allowed that case.

He also argued that quasars were formed in pairs along the axes of the proper class of galaxy and evolved into proper galaxies further along the polar path. He discovered several examples that were never acknowledged by the establishment. All from recollection having read his work many years ago. Gravitational relativistic redshift already shows it represents spacetime curvature.

How can such a large object as a qso have the same redshift over its entire extension? Because of this the blue-shift of Andromeda could be intrinsic, that would mean our relative galactic redshift means we are younger than andromeda. Only last year they found andromeda mass to be off ba factor of 3 — settled science anyone? The Milky Way has globular clusters which are around Moreover, since most young clusters do not survive for more than five million years, the halo may be raining stars into the disc. Globular cluster stars are population II stars with low metallicity.

The white dwarfs in the cluster indicate their age too—assuming all the stars in a cluster are roughly the same age. The universe is too young for any white dwarf to become a black dwarf—although black dwarfs would be extremely hard to detect.

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I understand the definition of a black hole. White holes have been theorized before. If particle are being accelerated as they exit the white hole then they might superficially appear to be the same as a black hole. White holes are sci-fi fantasy. Dark matter and dark energy are on solid foundations by comparison. You mean like tachyons, lol? How about the BB itself?

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Where does that energy come from? How about virtual particles where does that energy come from and the calculations show infinite energy densities? I just think those theories have less problems than white holes do.

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From what I understand, Dark matter and Dark Energy, are to the BB theory what epicycles were to Ptolemaic system of astronomy-kludgy patches to make it work. Everything in science is conjectures, hypotheses, unproven laws, and unproven theories. If you wish to test your pc you can try this: Make two columns in which you divide 4 by odd numbers. Easily done using Excel or any other spreadsheet. The Subaru brand and iconic logo were named after the Pleiades star cluster Pleiades translates to Subaru in Japanese.

Quite naturally, Subaru logo embraced the graphic representation of the star cluster. At the same time, the biggest star symbolized the parental company Fuji Heavy Industries, while the other five stars represented the companies that merged to create it, including the automobile division, the aerospace division, the Subaru Industrial Power Products division, the eco technology division and the buses and railroad cars division.

The microwave background radiation is thought to hark from , thousand years after the big singularity. It appears to show only very minor fluctuations in density. The Higgs field is believed to break the symmetry, slow particles down, and essentially create matter. It must have been in fine form very early on.

The supermassive black holes came million years after big bang, not , years. Earliest stars formed around million years after BB.

The Edge of Infinity

This guy has no clue. The CMBR radiates from all directions with a near perfect black body curve.

Black body radiation is well defined physics. The BB curve matches a radiating body at 2. Did you listen to the evidence? Do you really think he does not understand Microwave spectroscopy and black body thermal emissions? Production technologies: CG, Green screen, Live action. Audio format: Stereo, 5. Co-Produced by. Dan Neafus. Screened at 1 dome theaters and counting Related shows. Space School. Realm of Light — Chronicle of the Cosmos. Advertise here!

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