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And as reverence for Western civilization fell, so did reverence for the source of that civilization. The Bible has not only been neglected, but reviled — as a foolish fairy tale at best, and as an immoral work at worst. This view springs not from intellectual rigor, but from intellectual laziness.

People throw out all sorts of objections to the Bible as if there are no rational and moral responses to those objections. But the fact is there are rational and moral responses to all those objections. And if the son is found guilty, the citizens are to stone him to death. The eye of a prince is worth no more than the eye of a peasant. This was completely new in history.

In fact, however, it was an enormous moral leap forward. This law ended — forever — parental ownership of their children, and with it the right to kill them. The brilliance of this law was that it seemed to preserve the absolute authority of parents, but in fact ended it. But, you will respond, the citizens of the city could still kill the child.

Karen decides that the only way to avenge her daughter's murder and save her family from Doob is to kill him. She sets a trap to lure Doob into her home, so that she can say killing him was self-defense. It works. She shoots Doob dead and calls the police. Denillo arrives and tells Karen that he knows the truth and that she hasn't fooled him, to which she replies, "Prove it.

When her husband arrives, he sits beside her, holding her hand, knowing what she has done. Roger Ebert gave the film one star out of four , calling it "a particularly nasty little example of audience manipulation" and writing that it "is intellectually corrupt because it deliberately avoids dealing with the issues it raises.

Schlesinger made a film as mean-spirited and empty as this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eye for an Eye Film poster.

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Eye for an Eye (1996)

Maimonides, the renowned 12th century sage, further cites the verses in Exodus which openly speak of damages in terms of monetary payment. Hence, a few verses later when the Torah speaks of "an eye for and eye…" it is obviously referring to the same sort of payment. Other early sages bring additional proof: if literal, if the perpetrator injures another and minimizes his sight by one third or half, how is it possible to do the same in punishment, no more and no less? The key principal is that the Torah cannot, and was not meant to be understood literally.

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Only with the Oral Tradition given together with the written can the Torah be understood correctly and accurately. One big question still remains: If the Torah meant to pay monetary damages, why did it write this the way it did, which seems to be misleading? The answer offered by Maimonides and Maharal 16th century Prague is based upon a profound sense of responsibility for one's actions. The Torah, by expressing the payment in this way, is teaching an important and crucial lesson. Had the Torah simply ordered the aggressor to pay damages, he might have thought that it is sufficient to simply write a check to the victim and he is done.

The Torah is teaching that if one perpetrates a loss of limb to his fellow, he truly deserves to have the same done to his self. He should truly contemplate the profound damage to the quality of life of his fellow, his pain and suffering he is forced to endure for the rest of his life. He has done a terrible thing and the slate will not be cleared by monetary payment alone. He must beg forgiveness from the injured party for what he has done, and perform Teshuva, repentance to God, coupled with making serious life changes that will ensure a similar act will not be repeated.

With proper interpretation and understanding, profound lessons can be gleaned from our holy Torah. I will be giving a speech on the topic of "Jews: Race or Religion?

eye for an eye

I want to get expert Who was the Ethiopian Cushite wife that Moses took Numbers ? This year I will be attending my first Rosh Hashanah service. Is there anything I need to know about particular clothes to It has always bothered me why all of the first-borns in Egypt had to suffering in that final, devastating plague.