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The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of International Organizations in Asia and the Pacific published in is extensively updated to capture the significance of these developments. Professor McDougall is prudently aware of the potential theoretical difficulties that face his project to trace the evolution of international cooperation in the region.

He grounds his selection of dictionary entries on the basis of political significance to bridge the gap between the major theoretical camps that can unproductively segment the picture of regional cooperation. The result is a comprehensive account of international organisations in the Asia-Pacific that is valuable for a wide range of purposes.

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The emphasis is on inter-governmental organisations while, with political significance in mind, a selection of internationally influential NGOs is covered. To place these organisations in the broader context of regional politics, the dictionary also includes entries on major political events that have affected the Asia-Pacific since The rest of the entries cover major organisations in other parts of the world, important personalities, basic issues and key policy initiatives that are important to complement the understanding of international cooperation in the region.

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The use of political clout as a rationale for inclusion means that many of the less influential organisations, especially NGOs, could not be included. Their exclusion on this basis does not significantly diminish a project that is inherently about providing wide-ranging and essential knowledge of the institutional structure of the Asia-Pacific as a whole. The second edition follows the basic but effective structure of the first one.

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The main dictionary section is supplemented with the standard list of acronyms and abbreviations, maps and a chronology, updated to capture the latest developments up to Extensive cross-references are provided across entries to make locating information as rapid and efficient as possible. The Historical Dictionary of International Relations is a general guide to the theory and practice of the relations between states, and between states and other actors on the world stage.

It introduces readers to the real world operations of international relations, and is thus concerned with the actual relations between states, organizations, groups and people. It also offers introductory information about the various theories, old and new, that help explain these relations, why they happen and the possible alternatives that might be available now or in the future. Moreover, some of the key thinkers of these theories are discussed.

The Historical Dictionary of International Relations contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography.

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