Justice in January (Emily Sinclair Mystery Book 2)

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Crime Writers! The setting, in the autonomous Faroe Islands nation within Denmark , actually has had only four murders in 30 years, and the current lieutenant worked each case. He also feeds the village sheep in his spare time. Apparently, shenanigans on a 50, population island where everyone knows each other and the only escape is over rocky outcroppings into the cold sea serves as a deterrent! This image from the hard copy of the paper is great — showing where the bodies are found.

Mary Higgins-Clark is 90 years old and still writes 2 books a year. Let that sink in. She still writes six hours a day, mapping out the plot in a long outline and writing biographies of characters down to the way they dress. I attended a meeting led by Patricia, where she talked about romance in mysteries and blush steamier writing. Love, intimacy, and physical expression should always propel the characters and plots forward.

In this haunting page-turner, a boy who lives underground will discover that light exists in even the darkest of places. His first novel, El aviso , earned him the title of Fnac New Talent in and has been translated into German and Italian. For love of fine, wily Imabelle, hapless Jackson surrenders his life savings to a con man who knows the secret of turning ten-dollar bills into hundreds—and then he steals from his boss, only to lose the stolen money at a craps table.

Luckily for him, he can turn to his savvy twin brother, Goldy, who earns a living—disguised as a Sister of Mercy—by selling tickets to Heaven in Harlem. With Goldy on his side, Jackson is ready for payback. His victims banded together to bring him down, keeping up with his actions and newest victims via group text. They must have included some interesting exchanges, especially after the photos of his arrest!

Love a cozy mystery?

Every month I attend meetings at this wonderful indie book store, which is located on a fun street with independent shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. What did they find?

Sinclair: The World's End Murders Through the Eyes of a Killer (True Crime)

Her life. What better way to enjoy an almost-spring evening than discussing a senselessly violent crime on a cold night in a remote Swedish farmhouse when an elderly farmer is bludgeoned to death, and his wife is left to die with a noose around her neck? After nearly two hours of discussion, we have our reading list through October!

Thanks to those who did the heavy lifting by making the tough decisions…Also this month: awards season!

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  8. E-mail me at Jen JenSinclairJohnson. When her husband is shot dead by her teenage boyfriend, would-be television journalist Suzanne Maretto steps into the role of grieving widow with a brilliant performance. But few suspect her dark side. This chilling novel of ambition and sexual obsession goes behind the mask of an apple-pie beauty to probe the sinister manipulations of a mesmerizing femme fatale. It seems a little unusual.

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