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Xcode has created the basic template for your app with all the required files. At this stage, it is fun to run the app and see how much you get for free.

How can I get started with C and C++?

Click the Play button in the toolbar to run the app or use the Command-R shortcut. Xcode will now compile all of the code into machine code, bundle up the resources required by the app and then execute it.

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Note: The first time you ever build and run an app in Xcode, you might be asked whether you want to Enable Developer Mode on this Mac. Developer mode allows Xcode to attach a debugger to running processes — which will be extremely useful when building your application! Xcode packs a lot of features into a small package, so not everything is visible at one time.

The left panel is the Navigator panel and has 8 display options across the top. The one you will mostly use is the first one — Project — which lists all the files in your project and allows you to click on any one to edit it. The center panel is the Editor panel and will display whatever you have selected from the Project Navigator. The right panel is the Utilities panel and it will vary depending on what you are looking at in the Editor panel.

You design the user interface using a Storyboard. Your app already has a storyboard, so go to the Project Navigator and click on Main. Your display has just changed dramatically! Have a look at the things you can see in the visual editor. There are three main areas, each of which also has a textual representation in the Document Outline:. In the Utilities panel, you see a top section with 8 tabs and a bottom section with 4 tabs. The bottom section switches between various things you can insert into your project.

Right now you want to insert UI elements, so select the Object library which is the third from the left.

Finally, add a Label. Now, build and run the app using the Play button or Command-R.

C Programming Tutorial 17 - Vim Basics - Part 1

You will see these 3 UI elements. Try typing in the text field — it already supports all the standard editing shortcuts: copy, paste, cut, select all, undo, redo and so on. Go back to Main. In the Utilities panel on the right, make sure the Attributes Inspector is showing — the 4th button across the top. The button may not be wide enough to show all the text, so go to the Editor menu and select Size to Fit Content which should fix that.

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If Size to Fit Content is disabled, click somewhere to de-select the button, then re-select it and try again. Now click in the text field to select it. To help the users, add some placeholder text to the text field using the Attributes Inspector. Stretch the text field out a bit to allow for long names and position the button to the right of it.

Position the label below the text field and button. Since the label is going to be important, make it use a larger font. This will create a second editor panel containing the ViewController code. Depending on the size of your monitor, things may be looking a bit cramped now, so use the rightmost button in the Toolbar to hide the Utilities. If you need even more space, hide the Navigator.

Select the text field.

How to Learn the C and C++ Languages: The Ultimate List

Hold down the Control key and drag from the text field into the top of the ViewController class definition. Let go and enter nameField in the name box of the popup, then click Connect. Looking at the code that Xcode has generated, you see that these are both marked with IBOutlet.

Don't know anything about programming? No problem! Acclaimed author Dave Mark starts out with the basics and takes you through a complete course in programming C using Apple's free Xcode tools.

The Ultimate List for Learning C and C++ Programming | Toptal

This book is perfect for beginners learning to program. It includes Mac OS X examples! For anyone wanting to learn to program in Mac OS X, including developers new to the Mac, developers new to C, or students entirely new to programming. For anyone who wants to learn how to program their iPhone, this is also the core language primer. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.