Pollution Engineering June 2011

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On Jan. To maximize the impact of the EO's issuance, the Administration took the somewhat unusual step of issuing, on the same day, an editorial penned by Mr.

Obama in the Wall Street Journal. In the editorial, the President renewed his commitment to jobs and economic growth and vowed to limit regulations that impede either. So far, so good. The question remains, however, will the EO do anything?

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The Congressional elections will likely significantly impact policy and legislative developments in the U. The decline in the number of elected House Democratic members will make for some significant differences in EPA's budget, legislative proposals and general operations. Meanwhile, some newly elected senators stridently oppose government expansion and want to rein in federal deficit spending, which could affect the future of EPA and other government agencies. In , an ex gratia payment scheme was introduced to encourage vehicle-owners to scrap about 82, pre-Euro VI vehicles.

Clear the Air is a charity organisation committed to improving air quality in Hong Kong. Current projects include:. The government said its action is due to the failure of motorists to heed many past campaigns switch off engines while waiting.

Taxi and minibus drivers were opposed to the proposal. It is illegal for any driver to leave their engine running if they get out of their vehicle. It is also illegal to park anywhere except in a designated parking place.

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  • This means that the vast majority of drivers who idle their engines are already in violation of at least one existing traffic safety law. However, traffic wardens are under strict policy guidelines not to give out any tickets unless there has already developed a "serious" obstruction of the roadway or there have been multiple complaints made by the public; this is the "Selective Traffic Enforcement Policy" STEP. Traffic safety policing of idling vehicles, therefore, falls to private organisations like "mini spotters" who act as volunteer traffic wardens, making statements to police that can be prosecuted without traffic wardens having to issue tickets directly to the transport trade.

    In the —09 Budget, Financial Secretary John Tsang proposed a per cent profit tax deduction for capital expenditure on environmentally friendly machinery and equipment in the first year of purchase, to encourage the business community to go green. He also suggested shortening the depreciation period of this equipment from the usual 25 years to 5 years. Neither proposal was actually passed. In January , Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau Tang-wah announced that the HK government would update its air quality objectives, put in place in , bringing them closer to WHO guidelines.

    According to the proposals, which will be set through legislation but have yet to be approved, seven types of emissions will be monitored. Respirable and fine particulates will also be monitored, but less stringently due to their more pronounced health impact. Targets set for three of the seven environmental pollutants are to be based on the WHO's loosest interim targets.

    Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and lead would be subject to monitoring. Monitoring of particulates smaller than 2. Yau asserted some local pollution had roots in mainland China, but did not mention any ongoing dialogue to address the issue with mainland authorities. Yau also did not address roadside pollution in Hong Kong.

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    Such measures would include phasing out heavily polluting vehicles, promoting hybrid or electric vehicles, and increasing the use of natural gas, but no actions have yet to be taken. Environmental impact assessments of projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge were conducted and approved under the old air-quality guidelines. Kilburn said: " It is a move that we have been waiting years for years but we are extremely disappointed as the objectives are not strict enough to make any positive impact on air quality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Main article: Action Blue Sky Campaign. Hong Kong portal. My Health Portal. You'll be able to read more articles, watch more videos and listen to more podcasts.

    Pollution Engineering June 2011

    It takes less than a minute and it's completely free. By Hepeng Jia 24 June Pollution from the pharmaceutical sector in China is increasing as the industry booms, and it's getting harder to control. The agreement follows a recent pollution scandal involving the company that resulted in its active pharmaceutical ingredients API workshop being closed.

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    In July , the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection MEP released a new, harsher set of standards for the discharge of pharmaceutical pollutants into water, after it identified the industry as one of the key polluting sources. Ren Liren, director for Hebei Province-based National Engineering Centre for Pharmaceutical Pollution Water Discharges, was quoted by local media as saying that it is easier to meet the new discharge standards for conventional end drugs, but most API makers are finding it difficult to fulfill this goal. Domestic pharma companies are reluctant to increase investment in environmental protection, as severe industry competition has pushed prices of products lower, therefore affecting profits.

    Environmental Engineering - (Air Pollution) - Part I

    As it is hard for the average pharma company to invest in ways to reduce pollution, Ren suggests that a solution could be to group companies within pharmaceutical industrial parks. Meanwhile, Yang suggests that the current indicators to evaluate pollution levels in pharmaceutical discharge, such as chemical oxygen demand and the total amount of nitrogen or phosphorus are not good enough.

    He suggests new indicators for specific groups of chemicals should be developed along with the key technologies required for waste water processing.