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Aller au contenu Menu Fermer. SLIM: a multi-scale model of the land-sea continuum SLIM is an unstructured-mesh hydrodynamic model that can seamlessly simulate flows from the river to the coastal ocean. SLIM includes the following modules to model a range of different water environments: SLIM1D for flows in branching river networks SLIM2D for shallow barotropic flows with or without wetting and drying SLIM3D for more complex barotropic or baroclinic flows where the vertical structure cannot be neglected A Lagrangian particle tracker to simulate the transport of larvae or debris A Eulerian transport model to simulate the dynamics of tracers such as pollutants and sediments SLIM has already been applied in the following regions Click on the markers for more info.

Scheldt Estuary: Book Description Publication Date: November 6, As the Arctic perennial sea ice continues to disappear at an alarming rate, a full understanding of sea ice as a crucial global ecosystem, and the effects of its loss is vital for all those working with and studying global climate change.

Building on the success of the previous edition, the second edition of Sea Ice, now much expanded and in full colour throughout, includes six completely new chapters with complete revisions of all the chapters included from the first edition. The Editors, Professor David Thomas and Dr Gerhard Dieckmann have once again drawn together an extremely impressive group of internationally respected contributing authors, ensuring a comprehensive worldwide coverage of this incredibly important topic.

Sea Ice, second edition, is an essential purchase for oceanographers and marine scientists, environmental scientists, biologists, geochemists and geologists.

Largest ever polar expedition will soon be frozen in drifting sea ice | New Scientist

All those involved in the study of global climate change will find this book to contain a wealth of important information. All libraries in universities and research establishments where these subjects are studied and taught will need multiple copies of this book on their shelves.

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By integrating through the thickness of ice, the two-dimensional equations can be obtained. This chapter presents the free drift solution of sea ice dynamics.

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It is based on the momentum equation only. There is no internal stress, and the ice conservation law is not normally solved since it would eventually lead to an unrealistic ice-state field.

The solution describes the velocity at one point or along the path of one ice floe, easily obtained for both steady state Section 6. The free drift case is analogous to the pure Ekman drift case in ocean dynamics.

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In this chapter the drift of ice in the presence of internal friction is examined using analytical methods. This chapter contains methods and solutions in numerical modelling of sea ice drift.


The ice drift problem contains interesting basic research questions. It is a two- dimensional problem in the branch of mechanics called geophysical fluid dynamics. The medium is a compressible fluid, whose dynamic characteristics are its largely variable strength low to very high , low inertia, and the irreversibility of mechanical deformation processes.

Title The Drift of Sea Ice. Publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg.