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View all property FAQs. Still can't find what you're looking for? Then both cards are discarded. Your previous ruling indicates that the Touch of Genius never "becomes" a Sabotage card. And the text of Touch of Genius meshes with this - it says it duplicates the EFFECTS of the other action card, not "acts as if it was the card" - similar, but different enough. For the "how you play it", TOG plays like you would a Sabotage: You play it at the time specified by the card being duplicated, which is "Immediately after another player plays an Action Card.

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But even the clarification in the rules says nothing about the "no sabotage against a sabotage". It's all about timing. If I may present two hypothetical examples to demonstrate why I think the original ruling you made is correct. I'll do this by presenting three hypothetical cards.

When is this card played? By the Sabotage card's "when do you play it" rules, you would play this card before executing the other card, but after it is revealed. Is it a Sabotage, though? No; just because it has the same timing for when it is played, does not make it a Sabotage card. It's merely using Sabotage as a reference for when it's played. This card cannot cancel the effects of a Sabotage card. Play: After a card is played and discarded. What would this do? This would kind of be like a sabotage but reverses rather than prevents the effects of another card.

For this, the effects and "play" are identical to a Sabotage. Just because it has the same effects and timing, does not make it a Sabotage card. Thus, with all this, I would simply request that you reconsider your reversal and "reinstate" your original ruling, as I feel it fits the rules as written, the cards as written, and the unique circumstance that is Touch of Genius. Touch of Genius may copy the effects of Sabotage, but copying the effects does not mean it IS a Sabotage.

If you do maintain the reversal, I would like to ask for "justification" from the rules. Granted, being the official rules arbiter for the game, your final ruling is official, but having a basis for supporting it would definitely help me to be more "accepting" of it not that you need my acceptance or anything for it. If you do not reinstate the original ruling, though, simply because of the "confusion", I would ask that instead of making a Touch of Genius-turned-Sabotage unSabotagable, making Touch of Genius unable to copy Sabotage at all.

It's already a very powerful card perhaps the most powerful in the game? Thanks for your time.

I know you are probably fed up with both of us by now over this inane question, but I guess geeks like us like to make mountains out of molehills sometimes. Please take your time in considering this ruling! It may not come up very often, but in the few times it would come up, it could make a HUGE difference in a critical situation.

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  8. Hello Scott, I apologize for being so wishy-washy. In my previous email I thought the text on Sabotage said "Cannot be canceled by another Sabotage" and not the other way around. Here is the conclusion I've reached: A Touch of Genius duplicates the "effects" of the card, and not the name.